Choosing a Business Entity

Maybe you’ve just decided to start a new business out of the blue, or maybe a hobby of yours matured over the years to eventually earn you money. People come to you for your expertise, your support, or your handiwork and they’re paying you for it. Cash is easy to handle, but then you started accepting checks made out to your own name and then PayPal payments linked to your personal bank account.  Now it’s grown beyond the point where you can account so casually for the revenue, so you’re thinking about formalizing your business endeavor. Should you form a sole proprietorship, a partnership, a limited liability company, or an S or C corporation? In this article, we’ll discuss some of the pros and cons of the various choices of business entities to help you decide which is best for you. You can always change it later, but the process requires time, effort, and funds, so it’s best to plan ahead for the long term.

The simplest form of business is just you doing the work yourself, under your own name; it’s called a sole proprietorship. You should account for your business income and expenses, but you can comingle the funds with your own. Save receipts for your expenses and keep a tally of your income. If your business is small, this is probably your best choice, as there’s little extra bureaucracy or red tape – you don’t need to register your business, you probably don’t need a lawyer or an accountant, and you can still take your business expenses as a tax deduction on your IRS Schedule C, as long as you make profit more years than not.

If your product or service is taxable in the municipalities in which you sell it, you may need to register with your state or local tax office in order to collect and remit sales & use tax on the goods and services you sell. Here in New York, they let you keep a tiny percentage of the sales tax you collect, to compensate you for the paperwork and recordkeeping incurred. If you perform value-add services on someone else’s taxable goods, such as finishing and reselling unfinished birdhouses, you can get a “resale” certificate to provide to your vendors so that you won’t be charged sales tax on the intermediary goods you purchase for resale. When you buy an unfinished birdhouse for $10, you won’t pay sales tax on it, but when you resell it for $20 you’ll collect and remit sales tax on that amount from the consumer. Remember that you are the consumer of the paintbrushes you use to paint or stain those birdhouses; you can deduct their cost from your profit for income tax purposes, but you’re still required to pay sales tax on them.

There are a few varieties of ways to form a sole proprietorship; as mentioned, the easiest is to simply operate under your own name with your own social security number. If you’d rather establish a separate name for your business (called a “doing business as” or “DBA”), contact your county clerk for the process. If you’d rather establish a separate tax ID for your business (called a “taxpayer identification number,” “employer identification number,” “TIN,” or “EIN”), contact the IRS or visit their Website for the form. There is typically a fee to establish a DBA, but a TIN or EIN is free. When you get the DBA paperwork, bring a copy to your bank to open an account in the business’ name. The sole proprietorship offers a few perks, including deductions for business expenses and lets you create a separately-identified entity under which to conduct business operations, while keeping your paperwork minimal and your legal & accounting costs low. The downside is that you are the business – there is no distinction, legally or financially, between the business’ obligations and your own. If your product injures someone or you damage property while performing services, you are personally liable. If your business commits to financial obligations that it cannot repay, the creditors will pursue you, personally.

The next entity to consider is called a partnership. In a few respects, this is better than a sole proprietorship, but in other ways it’s much worse. A partnership is basically you and one or more people entering into a business endeavor together. You can each invest as much as is agreed, work as much as agreed, and take as much of the profit as is agreed. It’s definitely best to create a separate tax ID for this type of arrangement, and a “doing business as” (rather than using any partner’s own name). When you take your DBA paperwork to the bank to open accounts, you will specify who has signing privileges on the checks and how many signatures are required on each check. The big advantage of a partnership is that together you can do more; you share the management responsibilities and have a greater source of capital than any one of you might have individually. The downside is that each partner has full authority to commit the business to obligations to which every partner is jointly and severally liable. That means that your partner can subscribe to magazines, sign up for a cell phone plan, or take out a loan, and if he stops paying, the creditors can come after you for the money.  If your partner disappears, it’s a lot easier for them to get a judgment to levy your savings, garnish your wages, or take a lien on your property than on your absent partner’s. On the other hand, it’s often hard to find good help, so if you and two friends want to open a deli together, it may be more encouraging for each of you to work there as partners, each sharing in the profits, rather than one of you hiring the other two as hourly employees.

The next category of business entities, including corporations and limited liability companies, is a bit more complicated. It dates back to early British seagoing expeditions. Wealthy investors sponsored ships to find new lands rich in resources. If the expeditions went well the ships returned with gold, spices, or slaves, but if the expeditions went poorly, the ships were lost at sea and all hands drowned. The investors rarely embarked on these adventures themselves, instead hiring crews. When the ships returned successfully, the crew was paid and the investors took their cuts of the profit, but when the ships sunk, these investors didn’t want to be sued by the families of the crewmen for the loss of their bread-winning family members. Thus, limited liability companies were born. Investors could buy and sell shares of the company, and while their upside profit potential was theoretically unlimited, their liability for losses was limited to just the amount of their investment. The company could mismanage its ships, property, and other assets, eventually making the shares of ownership worthless, or the company could be sued by the families of lost crews and be required to pay all of their assets out, but in no event would the investors be on the hook for any more than the amount they had already invested. The limited liability company was treated as an entity separate from the investors – a fake person.  In fact, that’s loosely what corporation means.

The most important thing to understand about this category of business entity is that these types of businesses are all separated, legally and financially, from the people who own them. This category insulates its owners from the business’ financial and legal obligations. If the business owes more than it earns, the owners are not personally liable. If the business hurts someone or damages property, the owners are not personally liable. There is one caveat, though: just forming one of these business entities does not assure you of this protection; you are responsible for continually maintaining “corporate formalities.” If a plaintiff can demonstrate, for example, that you routinely comingle business funds with your own, personally pay certain business expenses, or have the business pay certain personal expenses, they may be able to convince a judge to “pierce the corporate veil” and treat you and the business as the same. It is up to you to keep proper records, to maintain proper financial accounting, to use business funds to pay business debts, and to hold and formally document annual shareholder and board meetings, even if you’re the only shareholder and board member.

Besides the extra ongoing effort, a corporate veil costs a bit more to establish than forming a non-corporate business entity. You will probably need a lawyer, and you may want an accountant, too. In fact, speak with them first to determine which type of business entity is most appropriate. The corporation can have a separate name from that of the owner(s), and should have a separate TIN or EIN.  You’ll receive a filing receipt of some sort from your state’s Division of Corporations – it may be called “Articles of Incorporation” or “Articles of Organization” – and instead of the DBA certificate used for a non-corporate entity, this is the document you’ll need to open bank accounts in the business name.

A corporation’s profits are not necessarily its owner’s profits; you have choices about how to handle them. This is one of the other big advantages to forming a corporate entity: greater control over the business finances. With a sole proprietorship, after you deduct expenses, remaining profit is taxable as self-employment, and since taxes, social security, or Medicare weren’t withheld from it, you’ll have to pay it yourself. With a corporate entity, the directors and officers (i.e., you) decide how to treat the corporate profits. You may pay it to the directors and other employees as salary (and be responsible for the associated income taxes), you can reinvest it to expand the business, or you can distribute the profits to the shareholders (which results in lower tax obligations). There are three such entities we’ll address herein: the C corporation (also known as a “C Corp”), the S corporation (or “S Corp”), and the limited liability company (LLC).

The traditional corporation is the C corporation. Most of the big companies whose names you know are C corps: Proctor & Gamble, Coca Cola, IBM, Frito Lay, Microsoft, and McDonalds. C corps can have a virtually-unlimited number of shareholders, who may be individual citizens, foreigners, or other companies. Shares may be closely held by a limited few or may be publicly traded, such as on the New York Stock Exchange. C corporations have extensive recordkeeping and financial obligations, and since each is treated as a fake person, it pays taxes on its own earnings. Some corporations, like Microsoft, don’t pay out any dividends, effectively reinvesting all of their profits, but most small corporation shareholders prefer to receive their cut of the profit, and are then responsible for paying income tax on the distributions they receive. This results in double-taxation, where the company pays corporate tax on the profit it earns, and then the shareholders pay income tax on that profit again when it is distributed to them.

To get around this double-taxation, you may prefer to form one of the other corporate entities. There are some restrictions on who can be an owner of an S corporation, but if your business qualifies, the corporation’s profit flows through and is only taxed once, on its shareholders’ tax returns. To form an S corporation, you start by forming a regular C corporation, and then submit an application to the IRS and to your state tax office requesting to be treated as an S corporation. S corporations have been around for a long time, and have sued and been sued enough to create a good-sized body of legal precedent. If you’re not familiar with the concept, the US legal system operates primarily by precedent. Rather than continually reinvent the wheel, if you’re in court for circumstances materially-similar to a previous court case, your lawyer will cite the previous case, and the judge will probably render a judgment comparable to the way the previous judge decided that case.

That’s one of the main differences with a limited liability company (LLC) – it’s a comparatively-younger business entity, and there hasn’t been as much legal precedent created for it yet. So far, I’m told that judges largely seem to be giving it the same respect as S corporations, but without as large a body of case law, it’s not impossible for some judge to render an unexpected, inconvenient decision that will itself be precedent for other judges to follow. Two other differences are that an LLC is required to have an operating agreement, and is required to satisfy publication requirements. The operating agreement is a simple document you can create yourself, describing some basic facts about the company and its relationship with its members. Search online for samples, or buy a template from a legal aid or legal forms provider. The publication requirements vary by municipality, but if you’ve ever wondered about all those legal notices in the classified section of your newspaper, this is why people take out such ads. In New York, LLCs are required to take out such ads in one daily publication and one weekly publication, each approved by the local County Clerk, and then submit a form and fee to the Dept of State with copies of the two affidavits of publications from the newspapers.Learn more about best webcam sites naughtybanter at

Mardi Gras Glamour

It’s a season of king cakes, parades, and purple, green, and gold. But let’s not forget the glitz and glamour galore! It wouldn’t be Mardi Gras without the glitz and glamour of the Mardi Gras Balls. Here are a few things to remember when preparing for your big night to standout in the crowd and dance the night away:

  1. You don’t have to stick to the traditional seasonal colors; add a punch of color and style with with vivid hues or soft pastels. Either way will have a huge impact.
  2. Be prepared with a change of shoes by putting a stylish pair of jeweled ballet flats in your clutch. Who says you can’t maintain comfort and style, even when you’re rocking out the night on the dance floor!
  3. Accessories can make all the different in completing an outfit. Glam it up with a fabulous pair of dangle earrings, a statement necklace or a great cuff. It’s your night to walk the red carpet.
  4. Give your makeup extra attention and staying power by using a lip primer before applying your favorite lip color. There’ll be no need for frequent touch-ups!
  5. Trying to figure out how to stay within budget and still have variety of looks that can be worn for the half dozen balls you’ll be attending in a 3-day period? Consider purchasing a two-piece set, such as a basic black skirt that can easily take on a new look with a quick change of the top. Very helpful to keep you in budget without having to repeat a look.
  6. Mardi Gras nights often can be quite cool, so remember to carry an evening shawl or sparkly bolero jacket that will complement your evening gown.
  7. Pay attention to small details; such as a signature style manicure that you can achieve yourself with the help of peel and stick nail art decor. Everyone will think it was done by a professional manicurist!

As the season continues in full force, let’s not forget the most important part for being a fashion diva…..being the Belle of the Ball!

An Overview of the Freshwater Pearls

With respect to cultured freshwater pearls, nature freshwater pearls of awesome quality are very tough to get or make. It is because everything depends on nature. Therefore, it might not be that tough to realize why freshwater,despite having imperfectness, are still more pricy that the best known cultured pearls.
The procedure of making natural freshwater is completely the same as the procedure of creating seawater pearls. First of all, a foreign object gets into the oyster or the mussel. It is really a heavenly experience for the small pebble. If the oyster is unable to take it out of his system, it starts feeling irritated. To lessen the irritation, it will commence the secretion process of the mother of pearl, which is the main ingredient of any pearl.

Pearl makers or divers will make a tiny opening in the oyster shells to insert a mantle tissue of other oysters. The insertion will make the freshwater oyster commence the process of producing the mother of pearl. Pearl manufacturers can assure the result or the quality of these products by controlling other aspects such as the oyster’s health, water temperature, and so on.

Japan was the dominant country regarding the cultured pearl industry. After having success in their endeavors in working on saltwater mussel, they planned to undergo the same experiments on the freshwater mussels of Lake Biwa. Their endeavor was successful and also people were happy to find fresh colors, which they have never seen before regarding the pearls. Thereby, cultured freshwater found in Japan gained immense popularity and all the cultured freshwater were addressed as Biwas in the past no matter from wherever place they have been originally discovered. This led to the growing popularity of Freshwater Pearl Jewelry.

Sadly, pollution has caused substantial damage to pearl production in Biwa, and it was exactly this moment that a new dominant country also entered the scene, which is China. The country has ample amount of natural resources that Japan don’t have. They have ample amount of open land, unlimited lakes, and various other water bodies, and unlimited manpower who are ready to work at even below the minimum amount of wages offered. This led to the huge amount of production of pearl strands which is highly popular among people.

Though the initial experiments of China regarding cultured freshwater pearl production were quite unsuccessful and didn’t appealed to the masses, China soon became the master of the required methods to make that not only stand out the best pearl’s quality manufactured in Japan but also were sold at inexpensive prices with respect to others. Most of the inexpensive pearl rings are made of Chinese pearls that people just love to wear.

Positivity Bracelets by Alex’s Angels

There is a new trend that has begun. Bracelets with “Positivity” by Alex’s Angels are a thing that will have everyone talking. They are new and very unique but great to have around at the same time. These will help for those that wear them to think positive at all times.

Alex’s Angels has different varieties to choose from. Some are made with crystals, some with sets. You can get them in black, different colors or even just a tee shirt printed with “Positivity” on them.

With St. Patrick’s Day coming up, they also have Irish “Positivity” bracelets for you to choose and wear. As the old ways are, if you’re not wearing green, someone will pinch you. They can’t if you’re wearing these.

The “Black Positivity Bracelets” will match any occasion, style or just for every day. Check out the photo for a unique view of these and how they are shipped, wrapped and carefully packaged.

This is brought to you by Alex’s Angels and written by Lia Burres. The item was given to me in exchange for my honest thoughts and review. There has been no other compensation, nor is there any intended.

Dirty But Outside

This before you put on your Acme all you need a screen which he powder all our green tea back at caught 10 ants just the water and you know something to steer the water I’ll be nice and what I’m going to do a basically just but poker but the water but I’m put a lot just to be able to show you guys but usually I don’t on put that much water or however in there but just are now I want to really show you guys next up ac of when it comes Korean like,.

This all you’re going to do it make sure that you know wash your hands and they get she caught 10 and amended and up for those of you who are gunnery this in the long run I recommend I’m not that green tea ET back but power because it has more of the you know cream tea itself so it’s I think it’s better than that he’s back okay so what you going to do is just me showing on snot dripping and spring on novel be pampering know my forehead cell school put it all on and you’regonna leave it all for just 10 min mine okay and the third one a patches for your Acme and a lot of girls in Korea we use this I’ll you know we have to go out and one yet we’re where we have to go to school and you know you how something like that up big red huge handball that you kind of want to hide it so what this works how this works is cheery up to eighth up first way is when you put it on it helps with the scar in make sure but it doesn’t really are leave a scar and it helps on acne to heal itself so it’s really good numbers second one number 20 it’s really good because when you put it on it kind of on how should I think camouflage s your Pit-bull so you can’t really see the redness soybean I’ll I recommend the ones that are you can find it at the pharmacy but you can’t get patches in the pharmacy can get admission I can get they shop on King anywhere.

I personally recommend thrones they can get at the pharmacy okay like I said I recommend the winds from the pharmacy but right now all I have is Michelle something to show you patch miracle phytoceramides they see that it’s clear and I’m tonnage smaller what might be a for okay.

Relationships: Why Do Some Breakups Hurt Men More Than Women?

In recent studies, men have been shown to suffer more than women when a relationship comes to an end. And while some people would not have been surprised to hear this, for others, it was unexpected and even dismissed.

Even though men have emotions just like women, this doesn’t always appear to be the case and they are often portrayed as having an inability to show emotions by women and the media. Men are often stoic and the emotions that they do express are often limited to a few emotions, such as: anger and frustration.

So what these studies have done is created awareness around the fact that although men don’t always show their emotions, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have them. And the reasons they don’t show them is partly due to the pressures that men face and what it generally means to be a man.


Times are changing and while a man has been seen as the provider for so long, this is a role that they are not always expected to play in today’s world. For when they played this role, they had to be seen as strong and unbreakable; as being immune to pain and to give of the impression that nothing ever affected them.

And as a man was expected to be this way, a woman had to play the role of being passive and weak. But, women have gradually been realising their power and the need for a provider is no longer as important as it used to be; simply because the chances are often there for women to provide for themselves.


But while changes have been taking place, in regards to what it means to be a man and what it means to be a woman, the pressure to conform to the old roles is still there for people. For if ones identity is based on playing a certain role and this causes them to feel empowered for instance, there is naturally going to be resistance when it comes to change.

Even if these roles are dysfunctional and unhealthy, it doesn’t mean that one is simply going to let them go; especially if what they will have to let go of is seen being less than what they will end up with.


And if a man was to show his emotions and not just the ones that are seen as acceptable, but their full range of emotions, there is going to be the chance that he will be labelled. This label is unlikely to be one that causes him to feel empowered.

What it could do is cause him to feel emasculated and that he will no longer be accepted or respected by others. And this will be seen as something that that could isolate him from other men and women.

Socially Acceptable

So it could be said that until men are seen as having emotions and that it’s acceptable for them to have them, there are going to be a lot of men who will continue suffer in silence. Just as there are women who feel the pressure to be passive and that they have to deny their personal power.


What is acceptable is for women to show their emotions and for men to repress them. This is generally what is classed as normal and yet just because something is normal, it doesn’t mean it is healthy.

And as a result of this, it is only natural that some women will handle breaks up differently to how some men do. Women can feel as though it’s okay for them to embrace their emotions, whereas men can come to the conclusion that they have to deny them and to pretend they don’t exist.


So when one person feels comfortable with something, they are going to behave differently to someone who doesn’t feel the same. Women, through feeling comfortable with their emotions, usually have friends and family who they can open up to. Through them embracing their emotions, it can lead to their feelings being released instead of trapped in their body.

And as they can do this, they don’t have the same need to deny how they feel and to channel their feelings into something destructive. To see a woman upset is generally not going to have the same affect on people as it would if a man was upset.


As men don’t always feel comfortable with having emotions, there is less chance that they will have friends who they can open up to and they might not even reveal how they feel to their family. And as a man doesn’t embrace them, they can end up being trapped in their body.

So when they are not faced and the support is not there, their emotions can end up being repressed and channelled into things that are destructive. These could lead them to taking drugs, drinking alcohol or fighting, as a way to numb their pain.

Emotional Build Up

And if a woman has always felt comfortable with expressing her emotions, then she is unlikely to have an emotional build up. So when a relationships ends, there won’t be any emotional pain from the past to increase her present pain.

However, when it comes to a man who has repressed his emotions for most of his life; their present pain could end up being intensified through having repressed emotions triggered. Emotional pain from the break up and from many years of repression, could end up being overwhelming.


To say that all women are comfortable with their emotions and all men are not would be inaccurate. And yet women are expected to be in touch with how they feel and men are not.

Men not only have the right to express how they feel, they also need to. If a man wants to be emotionally healthy, then it is imperative that they change how they view their emotions and how they deal with them.


This is why the assistance of a therapist, healer a coach can be so important. Through another’s assistance, one can gradually form a different relationship with their emotions. If a man is suffering emotionally, reaching out for support is the healthiest thing to do.

Peter Gerakaris at Bergdorf’s

You’re walking up fifth avenue and then bam! You get hit with all this color and not sure what it is you’re seeing. A mannequin in a crinkled Pucci dress with a hat-head in the center of a storm of honey combs, leaves, acid wash, and colors that take you for a spin. And at the bottom, a mirror absorbs all the images and confuses you even more.

It’s all this and more at Bergdorf Goodman’s window display by Peter Gerakaris at 58th street and fifth avenue in New York City. His display is titled “Rappaccini Origami Terrarium (Nocturnal View).” It’s a mixed media installation with origami sculpture, part of the new art installation “Art Matters!”

Kind of sounds like the name of an opera and so it is with a diva causing lots of drama in her own world spun with an explosion of origami. The center of this installation is calm like a tornado, but as you get towards the edges, the mayhem begins. Folded triangles cut into faces, honey combs bounce on top of each other, and then you think you figured it out and then wham, you didn’t.

‘Downton Abbey’ season ended but costumes exhibit opens March 1 at Winterthur

How to avoid “Downton Abbey” withdrawal, now that Season 4 ended Feb. 23? No need to wait for Season 5 for your next dose.

Lady Sybil’s harem pants; Lady Mary’s engagement dress; Lady Edith’s wedding dress; tea dresses of the three sisters; tuxedos; as well as servants’ uniforms and livery from “Downton Abbey” will be shown at the 175-room manse, now Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library.

Meanwhile, back at “Downton Abbey”, will Lady Mary re-marry? If so, which of her suitors? Will Lady Edith find, and maybe marry Gregson? Will she get back their baby she gave for adoption? Did Mr. Bates avenge Anna’s rape? If so, did all the evidence go up in flames?

Fortunately, no need to wait for a “Downtown Abbey” fix. Get thee to Delaware while awaiting Downtown’s Series 5.

Bullying: Do Some People’s Childhoods Set Them Up To Be Bullied?

There are many forms of bullying around today and some of these are more overt than others. At times, this is done in a way that is so subtle, that it can take place without anyone even noticing.

And while bullying has taken place for many, many years, and is nothing new, the internet has created new ways for it to occur. No longer do they need to be face to face with someone, they can do it from a safe distance and even anonymously.

It also doesn’t matter how old someone is, what colour their skin is or where they are from either, as it can happen to anyone.


So it is vital that when someone is being bullied, that they don’t put up with it and that they reach out for support. Because if someone has just started being bullied or has been in this position for quite some time, they might come to the conclusion that they deserve it.

It could be taken personally and as a sign of one’s true value. However, what it does reveal is the mental and emotional state of the person that is doing the bullying. And how they are the ones who need to engage in some kind of self reflection and to look into what they are projecting onto other people.

Self Reflection

What is clear is that when someone does bully another, they are unaware of how their own projections are defining how they see another. And that what the other person is or is not doing is more or less irrelevant.

All the other people are doing is triggering something within them and through a lack of awareness around what this is; they act out and inflict the pain or the conflict that they are experiencing onto others.

So if their level of self awareness increased, it is likely that their need to bully others would also subside; simply because they are taking responsibility for their own issues, instead of projecting them onto others.


Now, just because someone doesn’t deserve to be treated badly by others, it doesn’t mean that they believe this. And this could be something one is consciously aware of or something that is just below the surface for example.

When one does have this outlook about themselves on the inside, it will be known externally through how they behave and the energetic resonance they give off. But while these two things could reflect that one doesn’t value themselves, it doesn’t mean that they are aware of it.


Although it can appear as though bullies chose people at random and that anyone will do, there is usually a lot more to it than that. This doesn’t mean that they consciously select people, as it can happen unconsciously and without them needing to think about who they can take advantage of.

There is going to be certain types of behaviour that they look for in others; if they don’t behave in these ways, then they might not even bother. So even though there are going to be wide range of behaviours, there are going to be ones that continually appear.


And what can be common for people who are bullied is the inability to stand up for themselves. So having boundaries and therefore being able to say no, could be something they struggle with.

Letting people walk all over them and to do as other people say could be what feels safe. And this causes them to be submissive and passive: the perfect combination for a bully. It will be like honey to a bee.

This is not to say that this is what always happens; as it is also possible for people who are able to stand up for themselves to be gradually worn down.


In order for someone to find it difficult to stand their ground and to have strong and healthy boundaries, no matter what their age, there has to be a reason for it. It could be that they have had experiences in their adult life that have worn them down.

But what is more likely is that the kind of childhood that they had set them up to be a target. This doesn’t have to be a childhood that was overly abusive though; it could be due to something that was a lot less severe, but left a mark nevertheless.


One may have been brought up by caregivers that didn’t allow them to say no or to realise that they had their own personal space. And how this personal space is sacred and needs to be protected. So letting other people onto their space is then normal and it then doesn’t feel safe for them to do anything about it.

A more extreme example would relate to someone who was physically abused by their caregiver/s. Their personal space would have been completely violated and it would not have been possible for them to protect themselves.


And what these kinds of experiences would have done is make one vulnerable to being treated badly by others. From a young age, they were conditioned to put up with this kind of behaviour. This is then what became normal and familiar and familiar is what is classed as safe to the ego mind.


So if one finds that they continually end up in situations where they are being taken advantage off, then it might be necessary for them to look at their history. The past can’t be changed, but what happened in the past would have created certain beliefs and caused one to experience certain feelings.

It is possible that how one felt would have ended up being trapped in their body. So these beliefs will need to be changed and the trapped feelings will need to be released. Ones behaviour will then change and the energetic resonance they give off will also change.

This can be done with the assistance of a therapist, healer or a coach. Or one could engage in some kind of self reflection and make the changes themselves. The type of help that one needs can all depend on how much of a challenge this is.

Make Your Life Easier With This Fab Shopping Site

Personally shopping in a store is a marvelous activity (and excellent form of exercise) all in itself, however nowadays virtual shopping is a must as well. It’s an easy way to discover unique items that our limited options of shopping excursions will not always allow us to come across. We are exposed to new styles and ideas from personalities all over the globe. We can explore and identify a new something that we like, and within minutes, we have located that same item, added it our shopping cart and before we can grab our car keys, our latest must-have is heading directly to our front door.

I have found a few sites that make my life much easier and being that I aspire to make everyone else’s lives easier as well, I will happily share. Today I will discuss the wonderful world of asos. ASOS (pronounced ACE-OSS) is the UK’s largest independent online fashion and beauty retailer, offering over 60,000 branded and own label products across womenswear and menswear. The idea of ASOS started in 1999 as an internet business where people could find clothes or accessories they had seen celebs wearing. The company began with this concept and within a few years they began to sell more fashion than just clothes that had been ‘seen on screen’.

One of my favorite reasons to shop on this site is the View Runway feature. Along with photos of different angles and views, each garment is displayed being worn down a small runway, showing exactly how the item looks, moves and flows. I don’t know about you all, but I have had many experiences of receiving an item and being surprised at how it actually appears in ‘real life’. E-commerce stylists are paid to make a stores merchandise look good, and many items are pinned, stretched or altered to look more appealing. This is not evident until we receive these items and find that they fit differently than how displayed on the site. So being able to see the garment worn by someone is very helpful in determining if it is what you are looking for or not.

Another gratifying feature of the site is their Fashion Finder section. Here you can find the freshest fashion trends and the street style skinny, plus the best outfit ideas created by members to inspire your fashion forward look. You will also find What to Wear ideas, for style advice for any occasion. You can browse women’s fashion tips by event, and if you’re feeling inspired, create your own outfit too. Fashion Trends are displayed showcasing the lowdown on the biggest catwalk trends. You can take inspiration from the most influential designers, before styling your own outfits and uploading your fashion forward looks.

A fun way that this site stands out, is that they offer a Marketplace where anyone, anywhere in the world, can sell fashion, to anyone, anywhere in the world. You can sell individually for free or can apply for a boutique if you have a small business or brand. What an epic way for thousands of individuals just like me, selling their wardrobes to fund their next fashion fix.

Last, but not least, the price points found at asos can fit just about every budget. They constantly run sales, on current season items, which makes it all the more easier to justify trying out new styles. Shipping is free to over 190 countries, as well as returns, which makes shopping here essentially risk-free. Before checking out, be sure to check the site for any coupons, which are typically always available.

I highly recommend adding asos to your current must-shop sites, and as a result your shopping world just may be rocked.